Team Tuesday May 22 @ 2:30

We’re going to have a Team Meeting in the Cafeteria Tuesday May 22 @ 2:30

Subject: summer training


Banquet Notes

Life happens and right now I’m with you all in spirit, but need to be here in Florida to focus what’s important.

I may not be in Greensburg today to share a few stories with you and your folks, but I wanted to make sure that everybody remembers some of my favorite moments and quotes. Jake at any point feel free to interrupt coach Sam and finish the following lines:

  • Watch the news? Who watches the news, it only contains bad news!
  • I’m not looking ahead to tomorrow, I am focused on the task at hand and only on the present moment. We as a team are focused on today!

This past season has been a lot of learning new things, trying to play new positions and opening up to the fact that it is OK to try something new and learn from failures. As we tried to model our coaching philosophy to also teach about life, it is OK to fail, it is not OK to give up upon failing. Getting back up and trying a new approach is key.

Now leaving the practice balls behind on the road trip from Hampton, may have been an epic fail, but we did find a new way to warm up and be present with a few cats and cows. 

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share this past season with all of you.  Thank you for being open to our approach to the game and be willing to try new ways to play this beautiful game.

Since you are all looking high fallutin today for this banquet, please send pictures.

JV MIP: Andrew Edwards

What makes a most improved player? Did the player really work that much harder? Did they find skills that were hidden underneath their freshman jitters? Did coach play somebody at position they have never played just because he needed to fill in his starting 11?

Does it really matter? Not really since this honor was given by your peers. Andrew was truly one of our freshmen who embraced the theme of be willing to try any position and be ready to play any position for our JV team as this is truly a chance to develop for a future role in varsity.  Besides being a goalkeeper Andrew spent time at just about every other position on the field.

Andrew you should take a moment and give thanks to Zach for receiving this award. I believe you did your best impersonation of him when we would move you back to either the 2 or 3.  Whatever the influence may have been Mr. Edwards became a wall on our backline and made life for Shayne, Jake or Billy a lot easier by his surefooted play.

JV MVP: Tanner Dobroski

Hey coach where am I playing? Hey Tanner where can’t you play? Your peers truly did understand what makes an MVP- The MVP makes everybody around them a better player! Many times within a 10 minute period Tanner would switch from offense to defense and back.

Depending on the game or the opposition Tanner became our most versatile player. His skill on the ball and ability to make the players around him play at a higher level by playing balls that made them look like superstars.

How many of you scored off a ball served by Tanner? Show of hands gentlemen!

Tanner’s willingness to learn new positions and ways to take on the opposition allowed him to move all over the field.

Off Season Items

Just making a few notes and recalling tricks that some of you were taught throughout the season. As you are working out this off season either with your club team, playing another sport or on your own in the gym these notes can be helpful. The ideal workout when focusing on power and strength needs to only be 20-30 minutes.

Day 1 Upper:

Supersets: 2 sets of 15 with one minute rest between next round.

DB Bench Press and Face Pull:

DB Standing Shld Press and Kettle-bell swing:

DB Inc Chest Fly and Wide Grip Pulldown:

DB Overhead Tricep Extension and Standing Barbell Curl

Day 2:

Plate Loaded Leg Press and PL Leg Press Calf Press

Dumbbell Walking Lunges

Barbell Deadlift

Leg Curl

Leg Extension

Day 3 Dynamic:

Box Jumps – 45 seconds

Side to Side Box Shuffle – 45 seconds

Side Hop & 7 yd Sprint – 5 times

Square Hop – 45 seconds

Lateral Bounding – 45 seconds

If you are playing another sport or working with your club team in the off season FOAM ROLLING can always be helpful with recovery. Here is a link to a simple program. Foam Rolling by ONIT

Recovery stretches are the same ones we’d use at the end of practice or when hopping off the bus for away games. These stretches are the key to improving your range of motion and flexibility to perform on the field.