Did somebody say Senior Night!

What to do when a big game for the section race meets a big night for all of the seniors on the team?

Jake should remind you we that we ONLY LOOK FORWARD!

Tonight is one of those nights where you can look back on all the things you have done on the pitch. However since the season is not yet complete you can decide that you want to keep on reaching for goals that were set at the beginning of the season.

Thank you seniors for all of your efforts, I’d love to be there tonight but as life continues to go on in my world I’m tending to family.


Good luck tonight!

Coach Dave


Drink water, lots of water.

It’s hot. The turf is hot. The humidity makes it even hotter.

Drink your water early, drink your water often to ensure you will be hydrated by game time.

About those American football lines.

Even professionals misjudge through balls. I’m chalking this one up to all of those American Football lines. Notice the 18 is barely visible on the field, compared to the American Football field. I’ll be the keeper thought he had another 5 yards to use his hands then realized that he was going to have to win the ball with his feet. Notice the Riverhounds benefited from the same confusion in the 2nd half.


Hey keepers.


Camp was fun, here’s your take home work from here until the end of the season.

Oh wait, check out the top navigation and see the Training No. 1 page.

Oh and be glad you play at Offutt and not on the field in the picture.Untitled 3